Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)

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During the summer of 2017, several AGB students and faculty took part in the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP), funded by the CAFES Dean’s Office.
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Agribusiness Department

College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences

Faculty Office Hours

Fall Quarter 2017 





  Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday  Friday
Anderson, Trisha 03-336   2:10-4pm   2:10-4pm  
Cai, Xiaowei 22-206   1:10-2pm 1:00-2:00pm

11:10-12noon, 1:10-2pm

Connolly, Christina 22-301   2:10-4pm   2:10-4pm  
Delbridge, Tim 22-310   12:10-2pm   9:10-11am  
Hamilton, Lynn 22-200   9:10am-11am 11:10am-1pm 12:30-1:30pm  
Higgins, Lindsey 22-307 Not teaching this term        
Howard, Wayne 22-201 9:10-10am, 2:10-2:30pm 12:10-2pm 9:10-10am, 2:10-2:30pm


Hurley, Sean 22-208 11:10-12, 4:10-5pm 4:10-5pm 11:10-12, 4:10-5pm    
MacDougall, Neal 22-303 2:10-4pm in 35-220C 1:10-2pm, 4:10-5pm 11:10-12 in 35-220C    
Dr. MacDougall's office hours are split between the library and his office (see above) 
McCullough, Michael 22-209 3:10-4pm   3:10-4pm 11:10-12, 4:10-5pm  
Qenani, Eivis 22-309     9:10-2pm    
Ramezani, Cyrus (DEPT CHAIR) 10-210 11-2pm or by appointment via email        
Rudi, Jeta 22-308   1:10-2am 1:10-3pm 8:10-9am  
Schroeter, Christiane 22-302 2:10-4:00   2:10-4:00    
Slayter, Erik 22-202 10:10-11am 10:10-11am 10:10-11am 10:10-11am 10:10-11am
Volpe, Ricky 22-207   12:10-2pm   12:10-2pm  


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