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Effective 10/9/2013.

Adminissions for the MS program in Agribusiness for academic year 2014-15 are suspended.

Masters of Science

AGB Grad CollageThe Masters of Science in Agribusiness is designed to emphasize the study of economic and agribusiness management concepts and their application to food and agricultural business situations.  A Masters of Science was selected instead of a Master of Arts to be consistent with other such programs in agribusiness and agricultural economics throughout the United States and because agricultural economics is classified as a social science.

Agribusiness is defined by the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary as “an industry engaged in the producing operations of a farm, the manufacture and distribution of farm equipment and supplies, and the processing, storage, and distribution of farm commodities.”  It is a widely accepted field of study at universities throughout the United States.

Students enrolled in the M.S. in Agribusiness will study concepts and tools, such as quantitative methods, that can be used by practicing managers to make better decisions within the firm.  Along with understanding the agricultural business environment in which the firm operates, students will learn management theories and tools to address marketing, production, leadership, and strategic issues facing agricultural businesses.

M.S. Program Objectives and Prerequisites

Masters in Business Administration

The MBA with a specialization in Agribusiness is designed for students interested in Agribusiness Management careers. Graduates will be prepared for large farm and ranch management, as well as for positions in supporting Agribusiness industries such as: commodity marketing, and food processing. This program requires a completion of six graduate courses that are offered by the Agribusiness Department.

MBA with Specialization in Agribusiness Program Criteria for Admission

If you are interested in either of these programs, please contact the Program Advisor for further information.

To check on the graduate application deadlines, please follow this link:

Eivis Qenani, PhD
Agribusiness Management Program Advisor
Building 22, Room 301
California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407-0254
Phone: (805) 756-5035


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