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Marianne McGarry Wolf

Marianne McGarry Wolf, Department Head, Agribusiness Department, California Polytechnic, State University

Dr. Wolf earned her B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins University in Economics. Dr. Wolf is a Professor of Food and Wine Business at California Polytechnic State University. She teaches Branded Wine Marketing, Wine Marketing Research and Market Analysis and Wine Business and Agribusiness Strategies. Dr. Wolf’s research interests examine the factors that motivate consumers to buy a particular brand of food or wine. She has published numerous peer review journal articles, proceedings from conferences and popular press articles. She has coauthored two books on the topic of simulated test marketing and marketing new products successfully. In addition, she has authored eleven chapters in seven books examining the factors that impact the demand for wine and food products. Her numerous published research projects examine wine and food consumers in the United States, Australia, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Colombia, Finland and Japan. Her most recent contributions to the literature concern consumer segmentation by generation, consumer knowledge of sustainability, consumer attitudes toward wine labels, fair trade, wine closures, the use of social media in wine marketing and the use of technology in wine purchasing.

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