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9/4/2020 Dr. Sean Hurley named interim Agribusiness Department Head

9/2/2020 In the News: Professor Marianne McGarry Wolf - Online Wine Purchase Increases for Home Delivery During COVID-19 Crisis Lockdown Are Expected to Continue After the Crisis with the Exception of Generation Z


6/29/2020 In the News: Professor Marianne McGarry Wolf - Generation Z and Workers from Home Drove the Growth of California Wine Consumption During the COVID-19 Crisis Lockdown


6/1/2020 Virtual Spring 2020 Graduate Recognition Ceremony


5/8/2020  In the News: Associate Professor Ricky Volpe -  Independent grocers could lose share to Kroger, Amazon amid coronavirus crisis 


3/12/2020 Current information about COVID-19 and Cal Poly


2/23/2020 National Grocers Association-San Diego  (2020 conference program)

2/14/2020 AGB Job & Internship Board


1/24/2020 Ag Showcase Career Fair Photos

2019 News Releases & Events


10/31/2019 Cal Poly Team Wins National Student Food Marketing Challenge


5/13/2019 ABM Newly Elected Officers for 2019/20

A group of newly elected ABM officers began their term last night at the May 13th club meeting. These students will "learn by doing" in many areas such as; organizing Ag Showcase, the largest career fair in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences. The officers lead the way for fundraising events during Open House/Poly Royal along with coordinating monthly club meetings hosting various agriculture industry representatives. 

Congratulations to all and we look forward to an exciting year!

Officers (bottom row, left to right): Sedar Kane (Treasurer), Jenna Maturino (President), Kate Menefee (Sophomore Rep), Emely Allen-Fernandes (External Activities Director), Grace Guthrie (Ag Council Rep), Alicia del Real (Ag Showcase Chair).

Officers (top row, left to right): Nathan Borgault (BBQ/Rodeo Concessions), Tyler Wilderson (Marketing Chair), Emily Berman (Vice President), Alexa Villa (Ag Council Rep), Kale Varvel (Campus Ambasador), Matt Durian (BBQ/Rodeo Concessions), and Sean Carroll (Secretary).

5/10/2019 2nd Annual CAFES Spring Research Symposium

Rohan Moorjani, an AGB senior, participated in the 2nd Annual CAFES Spring Student Research Symposium held on Friday, May 10th.  The research Rohan presented at the Symposium is titled "The Impact of Volatile Fuel Prices and Truck Rates on Produce Purchases among U.S. Households".  His advisors are Drs. Xiaowei Cai, Ricky Volpe, and Christiane Schroeter. In this study, Rohan and his advisors assess how increased volatility in energy prices and truck rates could influence consumers’ fruit and vegetable purchasing decisions in regional U.S. markets. Their econometric findings suggest that truck rate has a larger negative impact on produce expenditures on the east coast comparing to the west coast. Their findings contribute to ongoing policy discussions with respect to recommending increased consumption of fruits and vegetables among Americans. Their analysis provides potential implications for consumers and participants in the produce supply chain by determining how price transmission in the food systems could affect U.S. consumers’ fruit and vegetable purchases across geographic markets. This research is funded through the campus ARI competitive grant.


4/22/2019  Young Marketers Compete in National Competition


Members of the Cal Poly AGB chapter of the National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) participated in a national marketing competition held April 10-11 in Kansas City, Missouri.
The Cal Poly team had seven students involved with this year’s project to market Simply Wok, a fresh, make-at-home stir fry kit. The team spent the last several months conducting market research, writing the marketing plan and developing a presentation.
Students decide on a project and develop a plan to successfully bring the product or service to the marketplace. In developing their marketing plan, students follow the same practices and principles used by today’s marketing professionals. Teams submit a written plan summary prior to the marketing competition and then make a formal presentation of their marketing plan to a panel of judges at the competition. The judges’ panel consists of marketing and agribusiness professionals.
Overall, 29 student NAMA chapters participated in the marketing competition. The competition is part of the National Agri-Marketing Association’s annual conference and trade show. Nearly 400 student members attended the conference.

Team Members (left to right): Christian Bordeaux, Noah Chiero, Vivian Mason, Hannah Brady, Joshua Malone, Kate Martin, and Grant Lilles

Advisor: Lauren Green

4/12/2019 Ranger Challenge

The Brigade Ranger Challenge is the Army ROTC Varsity Sport. Teams form early in the semester and train rigorously nearly every morning of the week. This competition is conducted over two days on a non-tactical course. The mission is to challenge Cadets' mental and physical toughness and to develop leadership while fostering teamwork and esprit-de-corps. Teams participate in nine graded events. (Information taken from Ranger Challenge).

As the winning team, Cal Poly participated in the finals on April 12-13 which included 49 teams representing 13 international military academies, 16 ROTC programs, and three U.S. service academies. The 51st competition, took place Cal Poly placed 21st overall, and 4th within the ROTC programs.

AGB team members: Marcial Nunez (3rd from left). Other team members include; Taylor Palmaffy, Robin Ribet, Logan Murray, Maxwell Batanian, Grant Lemen, Christian Diebenow, David Broyels, Ariel Anton, Alexander Kokonis, and Austin Beck.

4/2/2019 Grocers Day in Sacramento 

A team of five AGB students, Nicole Tedjasaputra, Britney Moore, Devyn Paulo, Sophie Lieber, and Danielle Diele, attended Grocers Day, an annual event hosted by the California Grocers Association (CGA). The attending students were each paired with CGA retail members and had the chance to observe interactions and policy-related discussions with elected state legislators. Our students also had the chance to showcase and discuss the research they have been conducting on the economic impact of the California Grocery Industry, which is funded by the CGA Educational Foundation. Finally one of our students, Nicole Tedjasaputra, addressed the CGA Board of Directors at their annual meeting on the value of CGA scholarships for college students.

Team Members (left to right):Devyn Paulo, Danielle Diele, Britney Moore, Nicole Tedjasaputra, and Sophie Lieber.  Advisor: Dr. Ricky Volpe


2019 National Grocers Association-San Diego

A team of AGB students represented Cal Poly in the National Grocers Association Annual Student Case Study Competition in San Diego, CA. This year our team consisted of Patrick Dotsy, Jessica Evaristo, Jillian Raycraft, Danielle Diele, and Britney Moore. For three months, the team worked on a prompt from Superlo Foods, a retailer located in the Memphis, TN area, focusing on how best to attract and retain millennial employees.

Team Members (left to right): Danielle Diele, Jessica Evaristo, Patrick Dotsy, Jillian Raycraft, and Britney Moore.  Advisor: Dr. Ricky Volpe



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