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Cal Poly Named One of Nation's Top Four Colleges of Agriculture by Campus Explorer

Cal Poly's College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences has been ranked one of the top four colleges of agriculture in the nation by Campus Explorer, a website that assists more than 30 million students a year with college planning.

According to Campus Explorer, Cal Poly has everything, including its own creamery, organic farm and irrigation research center. “If you’re searching for an impressive and more affordable agriculture school, Cal Poly is the place,” states the report.

“Our Learn by Doing philosophy gives our students firsthand experience in the field of their interest,” said Andrew Thulin, dean of the college. “Our classrooms are living laboratories. Our faculty members partner with students, sharing research opportunities and practical experience needed for successful careers.”

Campus Explorer also notes that students can apply for more than 115 scholarships in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences.

Additional colleges on the list include those at Utah State University, Purdue University and Montana State University. According to Campus Explorer, each of these colleges provides the resources that agriculture majors need at a reasonable tuition price.

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