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Executive Assistant Bilingual - AG office
  • Full Time
  • Part Time
  • Seasonal F/T
  • Seasonal P/T
  • Internship
Santa Maria
Rancho Encantado, Inc.
503 E Main St
Santa Maria
Executive Assistant – Fluent in Spanish
Required Qualities:
Ability to Perform in Fast Paced Environment
Required Education: Highschool Diploma / Those attending college must be studying for an Ag Business, Business Administration, Accounting Degree
**New graduates are encouraged to apply**
Required Experience: 1+ Years Customer Service Experience / Bilingual in both Written and Spoken Spanish / Working Knowledge of Computers / Knowledge of Proper Email Etiquette / Strong Auditing Skills / Precision / Analytical
Environment: Office Job Assisting Agricultural Employees whose primary language is Spanish. Ability to work on strict deadlines with little supervision in a fast paced environment. Ability to be flexible in the tasks they are assigned. Office hours are Monday – Friday (hours vary) not to exceed 35 hours a week. No cellphone or smart device access is allowed during shift. Dress code is business casual.
Basic Description: The Administrative Assistant will assist in any and all duties as assigned by the executives. They will work hard to maintain a professional, clean and welcoming office environment for our employees. They will work hard to understand the burdens that the executive staff have and work hard to adjust their daily schedules to remove those tasks from the executives by performing the tasks themselves. Ability to work off a Daily Agenda and complete all tasks that are scheduled for the day in an accurate and efficient manner.
Compensation: Based on Experience
Core Duties: (This is not a complete list of all duties)
*Main Point of Contact for our Field Employees and Applicants
1) Helping with Screening of Applicants
-Gathering Basic Employment History
2) Assisting in the On-Boarding Process of Qualified Applicants
-Assisting in the Application Process
-Reviewing Applications to ensure that they have been filled out and signed properly in the presence of the employee
3) Gathering Information and performing Fact Finding Interviews
- Conducting Exit Interview about why the employee left and where they are currently working
- Conducting Employee Complaint and Comment fact finding interviews and forwarding the facts to the executive
4) Assisting Field Management
- Reviewing Daily Timesheet Reports and following up with the proper field staff to insure missing timesheets or documents are turned in, in a timely fashion
- Assisting in Ipad usage questions
5) Employee Resource for Forms and Check Pickup
- Gathering proper signatures, performing exit interviews and verifying identities while handing out Payroll Checks
-Filling out various forms for employees, insuring they have the proper format of the form, and informing employees when a form cannot be filled out because it goes against company policies.
*Data Entry
1) Accurate Entry and Auditing of Account Payable Invoices
2) Accurate Entry and Auditing of Employee Applications
3) Accurate Entry of Various Personnel Records to the Employee Digital File
4) Accurate Entry and Verification of Proper Signatures of Safety Trainings
1) Scanning and maintaining proper filing structure (Alphabetizing & Date Order) in scanned locations & Bindering the physical copy using the same structures
1)Auditing (Cross Referencing and Checking) of Payroll Timesheets
2)Running and Auditing of Payroll Reports including Overtime, Rates, Missed Punch Reports
3)Processing Billing (10-Keying & Balancing of Invoices and Verification of Accurate Bills)
4) Auditing of Entries of Various Documents
5) Auditing of Daily Attendance Log
*Inventory Management
1)Keeping Track of the Location of Equipment
2)Insuring that Equipment is returned prior to picking up the employees last check
3)Performing Inventory Audits when equipment is turned in by supervisors to make sure sets are turned in complete
4)Working with Field Staff to insure return of equipment sets when they are no longer in use and that they are complete
5)Keeping Inventory of the Supply Closet (What goes out and What comes in) and Placing Orders when supplies are low in the proper amount of time to insure the closet is never missing essential supplies
- Scheduling of Payroll Taxes
- Answering of Phones
- Basic Shared Janitorial Duties
- Assisting Employees with Company Issued Ipad Questions
- Working with Payroll Software and the Microsoft Office Suite

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