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The BS program in Agricultural Business emphasizes management preparation for careers in agribusiness as part of the world's food system. The food system encompasses all the direct functions such as inputs to producers, production, processing, distribution, and marketing. Emphasis is placed on the support functions such as finance, domestic policy, and international policy. The curriculum is based on a solid background in production agriculture.

AGB Learning Objectives

  • AGB students will exhibit critical thinking and complex problem-solving skills promoting lifelong learning.
  • AGB students will demonstrate strong interpersonal and teamwork skills, as well as the ability to work independently.
  • AGB students will develop technical competency while learning to think in a broader global context.
  • AGB students will act with professionalism, high ethical standards, and respect for diversity and sustainability.
  • AGB students will possess oral and written communication skills that are effective with diverse audiences (employers, employees, industry, and government).
  • AGB students will be industry-ready with skills and knowledge that employers value.

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Graduate Curriculum - The Agribusiness graduate program has been suspended at this time.

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