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California-Australian Almond Industry Exchange Program
Seasonal F/T
Sacramento Area and Northern Region of Victoria, Australia
PASS, Inc.
120 E Oak Street
Allows graduating seniors to work in both the California and Australian Almond industries and have a hands-on learning experience in processing Almonds. By the end of the program the students will gain work experience in the Almond industry, which can be used to further a career in Almonds or other manufacturing industries.
Hiring Process:
•Recent graduates will be hired for the California Almond season and will work at a facility in the Sacramento Area
•At the end of the California season the recent graduates will be evaluated on their overall performance throughout the season.
•Based on their performance they will be offered a position at an Australian Almond Processing facility
•Once the Australian season is completed, recent graduate will be released from the exchange program

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Lanie Hatch

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