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QA\ SQF Director
Full Time
California Quality Nut
861 Performance Drive
(QA) Quality Assurance Manager/ SQF Director Position in Food Manufacturing

A Tree Nut processing facility in Stockton California area is looking for a bilingual Quality Assurance/SQF Director to lead the food safety compliance department of the company.

Company supplies tree nut ingredients to national brands and is in growth mode, moving into new product distribution channels requiring a competent strong leadership in the quality department. Company is currently SQF certified.

The owner/partner managers are looking for a strong quality assurance person who can thrive in a dynamic environment of change and growth to successfully expand the business. The owner/partner managers are committed to train qualified candidates to take the tools they were taught in the class room into a dynamic real production environment.

Position specific requirements

GFSI practitioner certified (SQF preferred, but other schemes OK)
FSMA Certified
HACCP certified
No prior experience required in leading audits
Ability to create, validate, implement, verify, monitor and provide training to keep Food Safety and Quality programs successfully in place.
Tree nut and tree nut industry experience and knowledge preferred.
General requirements:

Ability to comprehend and make decisions based on overall business model and requirements.
Able to prioritize tasks on hand (customer requests, production needs, critical program needs, supplier and lab communication, etc.)
Ability to effectively manage a quality assurance team.
Team player - Ability to work harmoniously and closely with production, sanitation, maintenance, warehouse and office team.
Ability to communicate clearly (verbally and in written format) and professionally with customers, suppliers, vendors and regulatory contacts.
Ability to keep up with industry changes and regulatory requirement updates.
Able to work proactively without micromanagement.
Ability to adapt to changes
Ability to successfully manage the Food Safety program while completing required tasks on time and thoroughly
Resource conscience - time, material, labor
Ability to learn new programs (inventory software system)
Reliable attendance
Commitment to safety of personnel and food.
Proficiency in writing, reading and speaking in English and Spanish.
Ability and knowledge of basic data processing programs (excel, word, etc.)
Good communication skills
Good organizational skills
Good time management skills
Company environment:

Small staff where everyone is cross trained to be able to;

Step in to any position when necessary
Quickly identify reason for bottle neck or failure in a process
Collaborate effectively to develop new processes or update processes
Continuous improvement and innovating in processes, product lines and business models which require;

Ability to expect and embrace change or new challenges with enthusiasm and clarity.
Ability to research effectively to understand guidelines and regulations around new processes and product type
Ability to conduct effective hazard analysis for a new process or product in a timely manner so that protocols are identified, validated and verified at time of first production run.
Ability to be creative and proactive in resource identification, reaching out with effective questions to vendors, suppliers, customers, regulatory bodies to gather critical information.
Ability to develop an effective plan around new projects and processes based on principles required.
Ability to publish and implement new plans and procedures effectively through solid collaboration with the team.
Ability to keep team updated on new findings, new procedures, etc. followed by consistent training.
Ability to maintain thorough documentation and records of exploration steps, adjustments, findings in process development, etc. and to file records in a manner where information needed can be effectively utilized by all.

Starting salary ranges between $65,000-$75,000 per year depending on experience and qualifications.

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Richard Lieberman

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