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Contact Information and Office Hours:

Effective Spring of 2020: All office hours will be held virtually. Please email the faculty member for information about how to reach them during posted office hours or to schedule a virtual appointment. 


Department Administration

Name Email  Phone Office office Hours
WOLF, Dr. Marianne McGarry 
Department Head
agb@calpoly.edu +1.805.756.5001 010-0210  
HOOPER, Craig 
Academic Advisor




PIPOLY, Diane 
Administrative Support Coordinator



text: 805-235-7057


SOUTH, Carrie 
Administrative Support Coordinator


text: 805-423-7479




Department Faculty

Name Email  Phone Office Office Hours
CAI, Dr. Xiaowei cai@calpoly.edu +1.805.756.5011 022-0206  
DELBRIDGE, Dr. Timothy tdelbrid@calpoly.edu +1.805.756.5020 022-0310  
HAMILTON, Dr. Lynn lhamilto@calpoly.edu +1.805.756.5032 022-0200  
HURLEY, Dr. Sean shurley@calpoly.edu +1.805.756.5050 022-0208  
MACDOUGALL, Dr. Neal A. nmacdoug@calpoly.edu +1.805.756.5034 022-0213B  
MCCULLOUGH, Dr. Michael mpmccull@calpoly.edu +1.805.756.5009 022-0209  
MURPHY, Todd (PT) tomurphy@calpoly.edu +1.805.756.5000 022-0213B  
QENANI, Dr. Eivis eqenanip@calpoly.edu +1.805.756.5035 022-0309  
RUID-POLLOSHKA, Dr. Jeta jrudi@calpoly.edu +1.805.756.5021 022-0308  
SAWYER, Douglas (PT) dosawyer@calpoly.edu +1.805.756.5000 022-0213B  
SCHROETER, Dr. Christiane cschroet@calpoly.edu +1.805.756.5045 022-0302  
SLAYTER, Erik eslayter@calpoly.edu +1.805.756.5026 022-0202  

VOLPE, Dr. Richard

rvolpe@calpoly.edu +1.805.756.5030 022-0207  


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