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California-Australian Almond Industry Exchange Program
Seasonal F/T
San Joaquin Valley/Sacramento Area and Northern Region of Victoria, Australia
PASS, Inc.
120 E Oak Street
Job Opportunity:
• To work in both the California and Australian Almond industries and have a hands-on
learning experience in processing almonds. This opportunity will fast-track your career
within the nut industry!

• Northern California or San Joaquin Valley, USA
• Northern Region of Victoria, Australia

Time Frame:
• California Almond Season-August through November
• Australian Almond Season- January through July (Attending this portion of the internship
will be based on COVID restrictions and regulations in Australia at that time)

• College Degree
o Preferably Ag Business, Ag Production, Ag Science, Food Sciences and Technologies or
Engineering but all degrees are taken into consideration
• Ability to travel overseas to Australia
• Strong Work Ethic
• Willing to learn new applications and processes
• Able and willing to work in dirty and hot conditions at times

• Overtime pay during parts of the seasons!
• Regular wage will be based on previous experience
• Will gain work experience in the Almond industries, which can be used to further a career
in Almonds or other manufacturing industries
• Make valuable networking connections in California and Australia within the Ag Industry
• Live and work in new areas

Hiring Process:
• Recent graduates will be hired for the California Almond season and will work at a facility
in the Sacramento Area or San Joaquin Valley
• At the end of the California season the recent graduates will be evaluated on their overall
performance throughout the season.
• Based on their performance they will be offered a position at an Australian Almond
Processing facility
• Once the Australian season is completed, recent graduate will be released from the exchange

*Traveling and working in Australia may be limited due to the restrictions and regulations that may be in place within Australia for COVID. We cannot guarantee access into Australia to complete the internship in full.

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Lanie Hatch

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