Dr. Lucy McGowan, Phd.


Lucy McGowan is a Professor in the Agribusiness Department. She teaches courses focused on applied economics, strategy, management, and innovation.  Dr. McGowan received a Ph.D. in Agriculture and Applied Economics from University of Missouri (Go Tigers!). Her research interests focus on the process of innovation, specifically, how new industries emerge. Current research projects span from creating computer simulations of economic development to creating business curriculum specifically for minority food system entrepreneurs. In addition, Dr. McGowan is investigating the consumer acceptance of specialty crops grown in indoor vertical farms. Dr. McGowan has industry experience in consumer research and business development.


·         Ph.D., Summer 2022, Agriculture and Applied Economics, University of Missouri

·         M.S., Spring 2016, Agriculture and Applied Economics, University of Missouri

·         B.S., Fall 2012, Food Science, University of Missouri


  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Computation Modeling

Curriculum Vitae

Lucy McGowan CV 2022





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