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The AGB Advising has merged with the CAFES Advising Center.  Our new offices are in Building 74 M-A (across the street from Building 10).

Email: cafesadvising@calpoly.edu
Location: Building 74 M-A


  1. Via email. Please contact cafesadvising@calpoly.edu for help. Be sure to include your name, major and briefly what your academic advising question is.
  2. Via a drop-in meeting with an AGB Peer Advisor. Drop in advising can be either in-person or via Zoom. For how to drop-in with a Peer Advisor (and available hours), please check this link: 
  3. Via an appointment with the AGB academic advisor, Craig N. Hooper. Please request and appointment with Mr. Hooper via cafesadvising@calpoly.edu


The Agribusiness Advising Center provides academic advising and related services to all undergraduate Agribusiness students. Our goal for every student is twofold:

  1. To succeed at coursework and graduate in a timely manner
  2. To take responsibility for their education

To facilitate these goals, the Advising Center teaches students how to:

  • Enroll in the proper courses
  • Use and interpret the Degree Progress Report
  • Plan for their Senior Year/Graduation
  • Choose transferable courses from a junior college
  • Understand and adhere to academic policies
  • Get help from other campus support services (study abroad, counseling, tutoring, etc.)

Advising Resource 

AGB Curriculum
CAFES Advising Website
Cal Poly Advising Website
Cal Poly Counseling
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Schedule Builder  - new registration software (replacing PASS). See demo video HERE.
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