Change of Major Policy & Procedures

General Guidelines for Changing Majors

  1. Minimum Time at Cal Poly- Students must complete at least one quarter at Cal Poly before requesting a change of major
  2. One Chance to be Accepted- Student who enter into an individualized change of major agreement (ICMA) and do not complete the ICMA requirements will not be eligible to request that major again later in their career at Cal Poly

Minimum Qualifications for Changing into the Agribusiness Major

  1. Completion of three of the following five courses with a grade of C or better:  AGB 212, AGB 214, AGB 260, AGB 301, MATH 221
  2. Achieve a minimum term GPA of 2.8 during the quarter(s) of your ICMA
  3. Must be able to complete degree requirements within a timely manner

Note:  If you are a first-year student, the criteria may include your initial eligibility in lieu of some or all of the above requirements.


Students interested in the Agribusiness major should email  Peer Advisors can assist students with general questions pertaining to the individualized change of major agreement (ICMA) and can make appointments for the student with the Advising Center Director.

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