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Cal Poly Agribusiness Internship Program

Top 12 Reasons Why You Should Do an Internship

  • Integrate academic learning with "hands-on" practical experience.
  • Affirm, explore and clarify career goals and plans for the future
  • Make more informed and realistic decisions about remaining curriculum and career choices
  • Return to the University with great motivation to complete coursework.
  • Create an environment for new learning outside the traditional campus environment.
  • Gain professional level work experience.
  • Interact and network with professionals in the industry
  • Build confidence to function in a business environment.
  • Gain a competitive edge in the job market
  • Develop job search and interviewing skills
  • Create transition opportunities for a permanent job after graduation.
  • Develop interpersonal skills such as communication, problem solving and teamwork.

Why Register for Internship Credit?

Internship credit verifies that you have taken an internship on your transcript, opens doors for faculty recommendations based on your internship experience, provides you with a post-evaluation report to help you enhance skills and continue the Agribusiness Internship program.
"...Waking up for a job gave me extra satisfaction because I could start to feel the hard work over the past four years paying off."  - Todd Combs


Internship Program Procedures

Procedures for receiving internship credit (AGB 339):

1. Regardless of which term you wish to get credit for an internship, you must submit pre-approval documents before you start your internship. The pre-approval documents (1-4) are attached below.

2. By University standards, you can only receive credit for an internship during the period you are doing the work. It is not possible to do the internship during the summer and get credit for it during other terms. The department does not grant retroactive credit for a prior internship. Also note: the internship course, AGB 339, is a credit/no credit class.

3. If you plan to receive academic credit for an internship, please follow the steps below.

    A. Turn in the completed pre-approval documents to Mr. Craig Hooper ( See below documents, #1-4. You may submit the documents via email or in person at the advising center (10-252).

              1.  Internship Application Form

              2.  Internship Agreement Operational Procedures and Responsibilities

              3.  Educational Objective

              4.  University Release Agreement

    B. Once pre-approval has been granted, Dr. Ramezani will issue you a permission number to enroll in AGB 339.

    C. Meet with Dr. Ramezani to discuss the internship paper requirement and the evaluation form required from your employer. These are documents #5 & 6 below.

              5.  Internship Final Report Format

              6.  Intern Evaluation Report Performance

6.  Complete the requirements for the internship course.  This requirement is a final report discussing the company, your role, what you learned, and how it related to coursework and personal growth.

For more information, contact the Internship Coordinator:

Craig Hooper

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